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About the Role

As the treasurer, you are the the Chief Financial Officer of the Wrentham PTO.

Your responsibilities will be to maintain accessible and accurate records of all financial transactions of the Wrentham PTO, including:

- Gross Income
- Receipts
- Disbursements of the Wrentham PTO
- Maintain General Ledger

As the treasurer, you will have custody of the funds of the Wrentham PTO and shall deposit them in a bank approved by the Executive Board.

You will be responsible for ensuring that any required financial reports of the Wrentham PTO are prepared and filed, including but not limited to a 990EZ tax form that is due on November 15th each year.

At every General Membership meeting, you will be asked to submit a report stating all receipts and disbursements since the previous meeting which includes a year-to-date summary of all financial transactions and current balance in all accounts.

You will assist the Executive Board in drafting budget guidelines for the upcoming school year.

You will be expected to present the tax returns at an Executive Board meeting before the filing due date and subsequently provide proof that it was sent either by email or certified mail receipt.

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