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We need YOUR help for the Superhero themed staff appreciation week, May 2nd - May 6th!  We have a ton of exciting things planned, but we can’t pull it all off without you!  In addition to making sure your kids complete their tasks throughout the week, we are looking for the following:



At night after the staff leaves, we will need parents to volunteer to decorate around the schools!  This includes teachers’ doors, hallways, staff break rooms, etc.  Volunteers are asked to bring items in to help decorate (we will have limited supplies).  


For sweet and salty snack day, we will be looking for donations to stack the staff break rooms. Donations of chips, popcorn, pretzels, water, seltzers, trail mix, etc.


We will be providing a pizza lunch, but looking for desserts!  Cookies, cupcakes, brownies, candy, cakes, etc.

And last….we are hoping that parents will help contribute to cover the cost of the cupcake truck, Tasty’s breakfast and pizza.  Please Venmo us at the link below if you are able to help!

Venmo: @wrentham-pto 

Events your kids can be involved in for the week of May 2nd to May 6th:

Monday – Have your child wear their favorite superhero shirt to school.

Tuesday – Bring in a real, fake, or drawn picture of a flower to your teacher.

Wednesday – What name would you give your superhero teacher or staff member?  

Download picture here!

Thursday – What would your teacher or favorite staff member's superpower be?  

Download picture here!

Friday – Have your child draw a comic for their teacher.  

Download comic here!


Click to download pdf

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